Chic(k) radicalism!

You see her sitting in the front row of every chic art fest.

She is right there, networking and giving ideas to the artists and film makers, the first one to network them in to other filmmakers and artists and PR firms and publicists and funding sources.

Her hair chopped short, thick glasses in bright-colored equally thick frames, clothes that look chic too, a jhobba on top and tight jeans, and the quintessential jhola on her shoulder.

There she is.

The connoisseur of radicalism. The celebrator of resistance. The marketer of alternative ideas.

She connects up with the radical film makers who make a living out of alternative films.

That too is a market, she tells you.

The lit fests, art fests, and poetry fests, she knows all about them. She worked as a journalist and then as a PR person you know. So she knows the media. She educates you about the alternative art scene.

Her banker husband, she tells you has great links to a network of bankers that are supportive of alternative art.

Chicness is where radicalism meets the market. The languages of feminism, post colonialism, Marxism the instruments through which alternative ideas become commodities in the market.


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