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Remembering Aunty Leigh Taiwhati

E Tōku Hoa! Ko koe te rā nui o ngā rangi o Tōku tapu, kaua e tukua mā te paru o te ao tō miharo
e huna. Rukea ki rahaki te ārai o arongakore, kia puta mārama mai ai koe i ngā kapua, ka kākahuria
ai e koe mgā mea katoa ki te korowai o te ora.  - Ngā Kupu Huna o Baha’u’llah
Aunty Ilene (Leigh)  Taiwhati passed away this week. She was a member of many community groups in
Highbury and our CCA advisory group was very lucky to be one of them. The enthusiasm and generous
energy that she brought to the group will be sadly missed. She played a key role in documenting and
recording the ideas of the group and contributed ideas that were grounded in the depth of her experiences.

I met Leigh towards the end of last year when my friend Tessa recommended I talk to her about our CCA
project in Highbury.  We met at Te Patikitiki library and found a quiet corner where she happily shared
stories with me about Highburians she’s known and loved over the years. She had been collecting stories

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