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For those that surveil on Facebook

I have often been told by junior colleagues that they have been censured by University administrators for posting on Facebook. Other times, I have been told by junior colleagues that they have been sent friend requests by people thay know are spies of the regine. Yet other times, I have been told by junior colleagues that they are scared to like, comment, or share anything own my wall lest they face consequences from the regime. One colleague got so scared of the surveillance that she just deleted her account.

The number of times I have learned about being surveilled has made me over the course of the past five years think about giving up my Facebook posts. In most occassions, I have learned about such surveillance through interactions with those in power who have interrogated me about my Facebook posts, which were mostly set to the "Friends only" setting.

In these interactions, when facing questions, I have made three things clear: (a) my Facebook is a site for pedagogy. W…

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