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A key theoretical thread in the CCA: Building infrastructures for the voices of the poor is key to addressing poverty

Figure 1: The #NoSingaporeansLeftBehind campaign created by families living in poverty in Singapore

Across culture-centered interventions, the co-creation of voice infrastructures in partnership with communities living in poverty results in the ownership of decision-making processes in the hands of the poor.

When the poor own the communicative platforms, make decisions on these platforms based on information they seek out in partnership with community organizations and researchers, and own the frameworks of evaluating the interventions they develop, the nature and quality of decisions become anchored in their everyday lives.

As opposed to experts from the outside making decisions that are not grounded in the lived experiences of the poor, the culture-centered interventions developed and owned by the poor address the various underlying conditions causing poverty by being created by the poor.

That experts often make decisions based on poorly informed, empirically empty ideologies is of…

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