Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts about Suicide as Performance

As Dutta (2011) note, TNCs and dominant structures argue that streets are public spaces that are solely for merchandize, as such acts of performance that seek to use such places for performance activities that disrupt dominant structures are silenced through the use force and the law. My question is:
1. How can performing artists overcome such hurdle particularly in underserved contexts where dominant structures wield enormous powers over the population, and any attempt to challenge their agency is interpreted as breach of the law
2. Also in the book, Communicating Social Change, Dutta (2011) elegantly traced the history of performance, and various performance strategies used by groups to challenge dominant structures while pushing for social change. Some of the strategies include dance, strikes, poems, speeches, suicide, Theatre, Barricades, songs, and visual arts. While I agree with the change potentials of these strategies, I am wondering where to draw the line between abuse of performance, or better still the value of suicide in bringing about social change.E.g., What is the moral etiquette behind the use of suicide missions that sometimes result in the killing of innocent citizens in the name of social change. Should advocates of social change promote or discourage such strategies?

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