Monday, February 27, 2012

Local Elite and marginalization of women

In articulating communicative practices utilized by the North and West in marginalizing women in the global South, Dutta (2011) logically shows how local elites and Not for profit organizations are complicit in gendered marginalization of the Subaltern women often utilizing the rhetoric of participation, empowerment, and democracy to give legitimacy to their hidden agenda. My questions:
Given the complicit role of local elites in the marginalization of its own people, should global corporations and Transnational Corporations be blamed for such acts of erasure and marginalization of women? Should local leaders who serve as conduit for implementing the neoliberal agendas of TNCs against its own people not be held accountable?
Also on page 155, Dutta (2011) highlights how increasingly women from the South are recruited to the North and West where they are exploited as nannies and for domestic purposes at global sites of oppression. Again, should the local elites of such countries that have failed to implement favorable policies that warranted their citizen’s search for greener pastures abroad go unpunished? Should they not be held accountable for injustice?

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