Monday, January 23, 2012

Materiality and Social Change

1 From this week’s reading, we saw the critical role of the mass media in aiding and promoting the “hidden transcripts” of the ruling elite in the society. My question is given the business interest of media organizations, how can civil society groups get the media to unpack the hidden agendas of the ruling elite without compromising its own standards?
2.Given the level of violence and loss of lives that often result from overt resistance to neoliberal agendas, especially the use of military force by government to further marginalize the public, what are some of the strategies for resisting unfavorable policies?
3.Beyond theorizing about concepts such as “hidden transcripts”, how can the academe translate such theories to practical that help to address marginalization of the subaltern population? Where does one draw the line between academe and activism?

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