Thursday, March 24, 2011

The age difference of the biomedicine and Holistic medicine doctors

A lot of patients choose holistic medicine have been surveyed about why they chose holistic therapies said that they did so for spiritual reasons:
They( Holistic doctors) had experienced events in their own lives that shifted them toward a holistic worldview in which the disparate pieces of reality seemed to fit together.
This description in Zoller and Dutta (2008) reminds me of the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. All the achieved doctors are senior aged. If patients entered a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, they expect someone who is the age of grandfather that rich of experience of medicine and life. Suppose there is a 30 years old doctor, patients will doubted inside previous anything he might say. Quite opposite, patients are more likely to accept some younger biomedicine physicians. They are supposed to be trained by the modern medical school and know more updated technology and method. Should we say that patients go to the holistic clinic for the communication and interaction of the worldview, but go to the biomedicine clinic for the new technology and method?

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