Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where does the help comes from?

Understanding the magnetization of sex workers, there is two stigma attached to them that put them to the edge of the society: first one is can be seen in the UNAIDS definition, sex workers are“ female, male, and transgender adults and young people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services.”; second, sex workers are the populations that have the higher prevalence of STD, they are assumed as the disease carrier and spreader.

Mohan J. Dutta(2009):Sex workers and HIV/AIDs tried to describe two organization Kolkata area of India, SHIP and New light’s HIV/AID project. It is very surprise to me that the stakeholders of these two organizations are mainly prostitutes. There is one word said by Lakshmi: “ You have to live here to really know what’s going on, You can’t just come in , ask questions and tell us what to do”. I totally understand that as a outsider researcher or government member, it is hard for them to build the communication with the sex workers, maybe that’s why the organization that hold by sex workers worked very well. Also, in India, prostitution itself is legal, that’s part of the reason these organization or communities that could survive and be supported. I cannot help thinking of the situation in China that prostitution is totally illegal, who will promote the use of condom of the prostitutes that have to keep their career? My search for the organization that helping the sex workers in China are going on…

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