Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feelings and reactions on week 2

I realized my reactions will be different for week 2 because sitting in on class and discussing the readings definitely has an influence on your thought process and eventually on your response, anyway, here we go...

On performances…I believe as much as every person has their preferred channel of expressing themselves to the outside world (e.g. acting, painting, singing, writing, or through communication), we also have our preferred way/channel of receiving the expressions from others. An example of this might be that an individual loves to read plays by Shakespeare, yet, going to see a play acted on stage is just not their cup of tea. In the context of health and illness and with an individual expressing their true feelings, I think it is crucial, that more than one way of expressing/ receiving exists. Like that, more people have the chance to comprehend the content of one's inner feelings and this opens another "door" to engage in dialogue.

On politics...when I was younger I hated politics. Even today I am not too fond of it but I realized that politics run this world and there is no way to get around them. Political systems need to be challenged constantly in order to provoke changes in the system. With that in mind, it becomes even more scary to see that marginalized groups whose voices are constantly silenced don't even stand the slightest chance to provoke this change. And the ones who have the power to provoke changes don't see an interest in doing so, because for them to be happy no change is needed. They are also the ones who have the ruling over everything else because their power can channel anything the way they want it to be - even I feel powerless looking at it from that perspective and as German native I am not even considered to be part of a marginalized group. I can only imagine how these individuals must feel.

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