Monday, January 8, 2007

Possibilities for Subaltern Voices

The culture-centered approach discusses the possibilities for engaging in dialogue with subaltern voices. How do we as scholars engage in dialogue with those who have been traditionally silenced by mainstream communication platforms and discourses? How do we engage in dialogue with those subaltern groups whose subalternity is the very product of our existence as academics and our engagement in the academic process? Isn't the very act of academic engagement with subaltern communities marginalizing?

What are the possibilities of dialogue when we impose our one-way research methods, data gathering techniques and methods of data analysis in order to explore subaltern voices? What are the possibilities for dialogue in the realm of the very journal articles in which we publish our work and the review processes we go through in order to publish our work? Ultimately, whom does this work serve?

What are the opportunities for developing subaltern studies methods that offer opportunities for engaging with subaltern voices?

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