Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Last. The Simplest.

Today is our last class of the semester. Last readings of the semester.

What stands out? What would be the meta analysis of what I have learned here? What would be the key ideas that have come up on Culture and Health?

Based on all of our reading from the semester, and the discussions, I feel these are the things that stand out to me:

  1. I know nothing. So much more to learn and know and apply.
  2. Articulating questions, concerns, and opinions can be tough when the materials are so interesting.
  3. Is everything hegemonic in nature? Is everything Eurocentric in its core?
  4. What are the legitimacy of efforts that are good at heart but are wrong on the approach?
  5. How can I really make a difference that is beyond discursive space and entry points?

Let the journey begin.

Purdue should make everyone take a class like this one.


Mohan J. Dutta said...

Dear Raihan, what remains amazing to me through this journey is the deeply embedded realization that I know very little, and that this academic journey gives us very little in terms of ready-made answers to our questions. What it does teach us though, and it has taught me this, that the quest must go on, that the questions must be asked whenever and wherever they arise, irrespective of what is convenient. Discursive spaces and entry points give us tools to interrogate dominant power structures, and they also equip us with hopes for dreaming a tomorrow that is just and equitable.

Raihan Jamil said...

Then let my journey be one of hope, and also be motivated by hope and a dream for a better tomorrow.